How do I know what the right size is? We recommend using a piece of yarn to measure your cat's neck, allowing enough room for 2 fingers to fit between the neck and string. After measuring with the string, lay it flat on a yardstick or measuring tape to find the proper size. Most cats do fit our standard size.

How do you know if it is being worn correctly? When properly worn, you should only be able to loosely fit 2 fingers between your cat’s neck. It should never be too tight or too loose.

 What is a Breakaway Buckle? Is it safe for cats? Yes, they are safe for cats. Cats, due to their activity level and love for climbing, should never wear collars that do not breakaway or release. Due to the way the breakaway buckles are constructed, in the event the collar gets caught or snagged on something, the buckle will release freeing your cat from the collar and what it is snagged on. While they look like dog collar buckles, they should never be used with a leash due to their releasing feature. 

• I want one for my small dog, is that possible? Unless the material is not available, we can make any of our collars with a dog non-breakaway buckle that can be used with a leash. Just shoot us an email at for more information. 

 What do I do if I need a size not listed? We can most likely make you a custom one. Just shoot us an email at with the specifics and we will let you know. 

 What if it doesn’t fit or I want to exchange once it arrives? We guarantee 100% satisfaction of all our products. If for any reason the size does not fit right or your little angel just isn't happy with what you picked out, please contact us and we would be more than happy to exchange or issue a refund.

 How do the Bow Ties Attach? Do they come off? They attach with an elastic loop that is sewn into the back of the bow tie, making put on and take off easy while not interfering with the integrity of the breakaway buckle.

 Do you sell wholesale to retailers? Yes, we love our retailers! Please email for more information.